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Atara – Watching Leopard


Atara from The Big Cat Sanctuary is a small but mighty North Chinese leopard! She captures the hearts of everyone who meets her. She’s known for her incredibly long whiskers and her feisty personality.  Leopards are powerful big cats closely related to lions, tigers, and jaguars. They live in sub-Saharan Africa, northeast Africa, Central Asia, India, and China. However, many of their populations are endangered, especially outside of Africa.  Female leopards can give birth at any time of the year. They usually have two grayish cubs with barely visible spots. The mother hides her cubs and moves them from one safe location to the next until they are old enough to begin playing and learning to hunt. Cubs live with their mothers for about two years—otherwise, leopards are solitary animals.

This print is available as a Limited Edition of 50 in each size.  This Edition is now also available in Art Glass which minimizes reflections, appearing to be nearly invisible resulting in a perfect balance between protection and clarity

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An original image of Atara, the North Chinese leopard leopard concentrating on her prey.   This unique print is a limited edition of 50 in three sizes.  Alternatively why not have a frame to suit your home decor.  We offer a black frame on our website but if you would prefer something else please contact us for alternatives.

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300x400mm/12x16ins, 450x600mm/18x24ins, 600x800mm/24x32ins


Archival Giglee Print, Deep Edged Canvas Print, Mounted Print in Black Frame, Mounted Print in Black Frame with Art Glass