My interest within the natural world began as a teenager and in particular my passion for Big Cats including Lions, Tigers, Leopards and Jaguars by creating Fine Art from beyond what is merely in front of the camera, producing a watercolour or brushed effect print. Through this medium I visualise and aspire to define their beauty, power, markings, character, colour, habits, and other splendid qualities they possess within my work. I relish my time spent creating these images as I become immersed into their world, overwhelmed by their magnificence as they evoke my passion to produce artwork that portrays them.

All my work is finished to an extremely high standard – bespoke pictures and art / custom images for your walls in a variety of materials, options and sizes. The pictures will enhance any wall for your home or office interior decor. Giclee printing on museum grade digital fine art Hahnemühle papers which can be complimented by professionally handmade frames or printed on canvas.

Since the end of Lockdown, I have built an association with the Big Cats Sanctuary in Smarden, Kent, where I’ve had the privilege of photographing these endangered species. I am keen to raise awareness of the issues these animals continually face and recognise the important work that the charity does. With that in mind a donation from each sale of my work is willingly made to ensure that this important and safe environment is protected.